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Professional B2B Telemarketing - The fastest, least expensive and most effective way to get in the door is through professional B2B telemarketing - good old-fashioned cold calling. But most call-center based telemarketers don't have the right skills. And most good salespeople hate cold calling. At LeadGen UK we'll make the calls for you - using experienced, B2B professionals - and set high-quality appointments with decision makers for your salespeople to follow-up, and close.


Executive Appointment-Setting - Getting in the door with C-Level executives at large companies is a little like breaking into an exclusive club. There are political issues, incumbent relationships, gatekeepers, and a natural tendency to delegate. But if you really need that high-level entry, we have proven techniques to get you in the door, so you can build that long term relationship.


Getting Spec’d In - Getting in early, before the competition even knows there's a need, is the most effective way to control the sale and insure that you get the business. At LeadGen UK we'll get you in the door with the hidden decision influencers - the ones who can spec the job for you, so you can shut out your competition, win the deal, and protect your margins.


Pre-Qualification - whittling a list of 1,000 suspects down to the fifty prospects who actually need your product is the secret to minimizing your waste and cost-per-lead. At LeadGen UK we'll pre-screen your list by making sure the contacts are current decision makers, they have an application or need within a set timeframe, and that they're actually worth pitching to.


Keep in Touch Campaigns - The conventional "drip" campaign is a waste of time and money because the contacts rarely see or read your material. But a keep in touch, where we call periodically - and actually engage with the prospect - we can make sure that your company is at the "top of their mind," and we will get you in early to discuss the opportunity.


Do-It-Yourself Campaigns - If you prefer to use in-house resources for your next telemarketing campaign, LeadGen UK has all the tools you need. We can help you plan your campaign, write your scripts, assist your telemarketers, so you get results, not just activity.


Contact Strategy - All your decision makers are on linkedin and on most social media sites, how do engage with them? connecting with business people on social media sites takes a lot of time and effort, making the first impression first time is imperative, if you want to succeed in this area, we will work with your Sales Team and Marketing Department to ensure we make a great impression that will start making meaningful dialogue that will generate business opportunities.


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